China’s Innovation: The Liuzhou Forest City

It’s no secret that China tops the charts for one of the countries with the worst air pollution. An Italian architect named Stefano Boeri has big dreams to change this with China’s first “forest city”. In this city you will see offices, houses, hotels, hospitals and schools entirely covered by plants and trees. The Liuzhou Forest City, is being built in southern China, and is designed to help face the country’s ongoing air pollution crisis.

There are many reasons to why planting trees is important and useful to us. Trees give us oxygen to breath, they take in carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. This building design is said to suck up 25 tons of carbon dioxide and produce over 60kg of oxygen each day. In a population so vast this is a very small move in the right direction. The architect is hoping that this project will be contagious and these green city’s will replicate all over China and in high populated areas. To read more on China’s “City of Trees” click here!