Flexible Staffing Is On The Rise: Using An IT Staffing Firm

The most recent hiring forecast released by Robert Half based on CIO responses to their upcoming hiring plans.  The IT industry is moving fast, and it’s expensive to hire full time employees and hard to get them in fast.  “If you don’t have a full-time need. Yet, how do organizations continue to support technology initiatives that create a competitive advantage in the marketplace?”  That is where comes into play.  We can help you get the project done fast, and under budget because you can hire based on your current needs.  One hiring trend in particular is that flexible staffing is on the rise compared to full time employment  “The results of the most recent Robert Half Technology survey adds further credence to the transition we see taking place in organizations across North America. Companies are embracing a workforce model that maintains a baseline of full-time headcount roles, but are more comfortable utilizing a flexible staffing approach based on workload levels and unique skills required.”  Check out this great visual of the results.

Why hire us?  Since we can help raise the overall quality level of each new hire because we cover both the active and passive talent market.  We present you with only the best candidates, saving you time and money.  We have the time to hone our search so you will be presented with stronger candidates.  We have exceptional recruiting skills when dealing with passive candidates.   We have deep networks to find the best active and passive candidates.  We understand your IT needs, and will send the best people that can get the job done fast.  We put in the time to source the best passive candidates, which in turn saves you time and money.  We work closely with IT hiring managers and have built up credibility over time.  We also save you time by presenting just the top candidates.  We have a qualified pool of IT professionals that are available to meet your workload demands, so contact us today.