Job Hunting: How to Stand Out

As any job hunter may have discovered, seeking new employment can feel like a full-time job on its own. To make the most of the time you spend applying for jobs, make sure you are standing out so you and your skills are not overlooked. Here are some quick tips to help you stand out from the application pool.

Think about what makes you unique

What are your career goals? Your interests and passions? What real strengths do you bring to the table? Take time to think about this information that is personal and only relevant to you. Then, develop a short and memorable tagline to your elevator pitch.

Recommend a friend

You may receive a message from a recruiter for a position you aren’t interested in or a good fit for. If so, don’t just ignore the message but rather search your network for someone you know who would be a better fit for the role. This is an easy way to build a relationship with someone who could help you with future jobs and a chance for you to explain your career goals.

Get Involved

Set yourself apart by joining online communities and actively engaging with conversations in your target field of work. Voice your opinion and share your knowledge. Recruiters often check these groups to find potential candidates.

Be prepared! 

Once you do get an interview whether through the phone, in person, or both don’t ruin your chances by not doing research. Make the time spent and effort put in researching and applying for a position worth it by setting up Google alerts, knowing where a company stands in the marketplace, who is interviewing you and what you want to  say before the interview concludes.

Say Thank You

Sending a thank you note is a simple gesture that can make or break if you will still be considered for a position. Not only does it show you are grateful for the opportunity to showcase yourself, it also reiterates your interest in the role. 

Good luck with your job search and make sure to check out our open positions or contact one of our recruiters today!

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