Interview Tips for the IT Professional

While interviewing for a job in any industry you will most likely be asked the standard interview questions. In an interview for a position in IT, you will also be asked more focused and specific questions about skills, certifications, education, tools and languages you have expertise in.

The advice for this post was derived from a great article from regarding job searching in the IT industry. The hiring manager will want to know how equipped you are to handle the position. Make sure you know everything included in the posting – what are the exact job requirements? Then make a list of your qualifications and make sure they match up.

You will most likely get three different categories of questions:

Questions About You and Your Technical Skills

  • What technical certifications do you have?
  • How do you maintain your technical certifications?
  • Have your programmed in different languages?

Questions About the Job and the Company

  • Have you worked with software vendors? How do you handle relations with vendors?
  • If hired, is there anything you would change about this IT team?

Technical Questions

  • Compare and contrast SOAP and REST web services
  • Define authentication and authorization. What are the tools used to support them in enterprise deployments?
  • What is the difference between optimistic and pessimistic locking?

Good luck with you upcoming technical interview! You have the skills, and you will master the interview process too. Check out a past post to avoid interview mistakes.


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