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What I appreciate most about the Autumn Group is that they are not just out to “place people.” They see their job as helping leaders to solve problems.

I had an IT Communications role I was trying to fill, and the role required someone who could write well at the user engagement and strategic levels, but who could also handle urgent, real-time operational and incident communications. I had received a lot of resumes from other staffing companies, but all the candidates the other companies sent were either marketing/communications folks who were terrified of being awakened in the middle of the night to draft a global outage notification – or documentation/tech writer types who were right at home in the operational trenches, but who couldn’t create a user-friendly, warm-and-fuzzy IT newsletter to save their lives.

I reached out to Joe at the Autumn Group. He didn’t bombard me with resumes; instead, he asked a lot of questions about what I was seeking to accomplish. He wanted to know what problems the right person would solve and what goals I would be able to pursue once I had the right resource in place. Then he poured over his talent pool and came up with an individual who, at first glance, might not have even been considered by another staffing company. Because he knew exactly what I needed – and why – he was able to provide me with the perfect candidate to jump right in and immediately begin to contribute.

Thanks to the Autumn Group, I have been able not only to expand the services my team can offer, and also to contribute at a strategic level to the goals and objectives of the entire IT organization.

VP Communications, Pharma Industry
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