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TFS / TeamCity Admin

Location: Chelsea, Massachusetts
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  • Consultant shall review existing TFS and Teamcity setup and configuration
  • Build out the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline using Git, TFS, and TeamCity. The pipeline needs to support a wide range of Microsoft .Net frameworks which includes the following and not limited to
  1. .Net 3.5+,
  2. .Net Core 2+
  3.  JavaScript frameworks,
  4. Angular 2+, Vue.js,
  5. Node.js.
  6.  Wide range of project types, Asp Web Forms, Web Services, MVC 5, Web API 1 and 2.
  • Create automated solution that includes but not limited to Build Versioning, Multiple Environment build and deployment, Manual Build, Manual Deployment.
  • Implement and document best practice features for release management with the end goal of a simple workflow for typical tasks, such as releasing, promote to new environment, pull a specific version of a build, rollback a build.
  • Implement and document testability best practices to implement on in-house applications. Testing paradigms include Unit Testing, Integration, End-To-End and Regressions testing. A set of existing applications will be selected to implement the full range of testability best practices.
  • The process will be documented/diagramed so that it’s intuitive to different roles in the organization. The documentation needs to include the decision making process and implementation tradeoffs where applicable.
  • Train staff

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