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Automation Technician II

Location: Orlando, Florida
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Automation technicians perform routine diagnostic checks on automated systems, monitor automated systems, isolate problems and perform repairs. For example, technicians at a food packaging facility use weights or specialized instruments to ensure the machines are dispensing the correct amount of food into containers. If a problem occurs, the technician needs to troubleshoot the issue and determine if the problem is mechanical, electrical or from the computer systems controlling the process. Once the issue has been diagnosed, the technician must repair or replace any necessary components, such as a sensor or electrical wiring. Experience: 3 to 6 years.


Applicant must have previous experience in developing and transitioning laboratory immunoassays into partial or fully automated assays. Applicant should have experience with laboratory automation equipment (preferably Hamilton & Tecan) and operational knowledge of immunoassay based instruments (such as flow cytometers, Octet, Luminex, MesoScale, Biomek, Biotek, Cytomat and Multi-mode plate readers).  Programming expertise with commercial liquid handlers and HTS software are required (Biomek, SAMI/SAMI EX, Vantage, Freedom EVOware,  preferred), while programming knowledge in .NET (VB, C#, ASP), Java Script, SQL server, VBA Excel and Matlab are highly desired. The position requires significant interaction with people of varying scientific backgrounds, approaches, and skill sets. The applicant must be independent in thought and results driven while possessing strong and positive communication and team skills.  Applicant should be able to work on multiple projects and able to independently consult scientific literature to solve technical problems. A passion for automated bench work, data analysis, and reporting excellence is a must.


B.S. or M.S.Plus with 2+ Years of Industrial Experience

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