Staying Fit at Work

It’s hard to get to the gym before or after work sometimes.  So why not get your activity in during work?  Try using a Standing Workstation.  Increase your metabolic rate just by standing up while you work.  When you stand, you also increase the activity of fat burning enzymes.  If you’re sitting continuously for 2 hours or longer while you’re at the office, research has shown that you’re going to have a higher risk of chronic disease no matter how much you exercise after you leave work.  Try getting an updesk or a treaddesk.  If you cannot afford those fancy gadgets, then just put your computer up on the cabinet.  Bring a small portable stepper, or some small weights.  There are also reminder apps you can use on your smartphone to set alarms to tell you to take a break so you don’t forget like PC workbreak, EVO, or big stretch reminder.  You could also use a body tracking device like the jawbone or fitbit.  Have a contest with your coworkers to see who gets the most steps.  Make a contest out of it!  Or you can get creative – like this guy below.

woodenTreadYou’re going to burn a significant amount of calories, make a serious dent in your waistline, and stay trim, fit and full of energy.  When you combine your individual happiness and having more energy, you will have less stress, less injuries, and less illness.  It’s a win-win situation!