The Business Of Talent: 2016 Recruiting vs. HR Trends

Even though the cost of implementing new HR technology is high, companies with new, recently upgraded HRMS platforms are spending 22% less per employee on HR, so they are seeing financial benefits.  More than 40% of all companies are replacing or plan to replace their core HRMS systems.  These new HRMS systems are cloud based, and they are coming from vendors (Oracle, SAP, Workday, ADP, Ceridian, Ultimate Software, and others) that have mostly built-out talent management suites.  Erica Volini, Deloitte’s service line leader in HR Transformation and Technology, explained clearly that there are no “best products” in this space – it’s all a matter of where you’re coming from, where you’re going, and the vendor who’s roadmap best matches yours.  The LMS markets is being disrupted by new video-based learning solutions, many of which will be complimentary to installed systems. There are a host of new, disruptive recruitment vendors who are clearly going to change the applicant tracking market.

Feedback, Culture & Engagement.  The traditional annual engagement survey is going the way of the dinosaur (slowly however) and a new breed of pulse tools, feedback apps, and anonymous social networking tools has arrived.  Mobile apps are the future – and they are different and more powerful than typical browser-based web systems.  Read here to learn more.  Based on current economic indicators, our hiring needs won’t be slowing any time soon.  We have the ear of  senior leaders and HR technology developers who are keenly aware of how critical talent continues to be in revenue projections and future success.  Be sure to contact us if we can help you with your hiring needs.  Also be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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