Tips for your First Day of Work

Congratulations!  You made it through the interview process and accepted the job offer.  Now it’s time for the nerves to really set in.  Inside you feel like a kid getting ready for your first day of school, yet you want to give off the impression that you are confident, cool, and collected.  Here are 10 ways to avoid the first day jitters.  A lot of it is common sense, like going to bed early and arriving on time and avoiding the tuna fish sandwich at lunch time.  But what can you do to keep calm and confident?  Make sure you are both mentally and physically ready.  Focus on listening to others and soak in what others have to tell you.  Listen.  Easier said than done, but just keep focused on what others have to say and let it soak in.  I like this visual timeline that can help prepare you for your first day.  Also, I like the advice that the “reply all” button can be your worst enemy, so stay focused and think before you act.  Keep your expectations low, your chin up and be ready to adapt.  And always be ready to learn.

The skills that got you this job, may not be the skills needed to keep this job so you should always be willing to learn and take on new tasks.  Here’s a good article on how to adapt to your new job.  Here’s what NOT to say on your first day, or any day for that matter.  Don’t worry, you will be great!  If you did not get the job offer and you are still searching, check out our current openings.  You can always call and talk to any of our recruiters anytime.  603-379-6635.  We are here to help you succeed!