5 Awesome Tech-Based Charities

Many people are looking for new charities to become involved with. Here are 5 awesome tech-based charities focused on making technology accessible, affordable, and simple for everyone. The biggest contributors to these charities are tech giants, such as, Apple and Google. They understand that giving back to these charities will close the gender and talent gap within the tech world. Donating to these organizations will ensure that the next generation has the tools, skills, and the encouragement they need to be successful in career in technology. This is a list of just a few of the many excellent non-profits to choose from.  Learn more by clicking the links!

1.  Girls Who Code
2.  Practical Action
3.  Made with Code
4.  One Laptop Per Child
5.  The Guardian Project

Whether you are donating your time or money, you can feel good about investing in the talent of our future generation.  When you work in the IT industry, weather it be as a Business Manager, Network Database Support in MA, IT Security in NH, ERP, CRM in MA, IT Quality Validation in NH, and you’re looking for a charity to donate, you can pick from one of these top five.