Are you a Business Analyst? You’ll want to see this…

Get ready for more consultants: as more U.S. workers are college graduates, analytical jobs, such as a Business Analyst, have been on the rise, according to LinkedIn’s March workforce report. While repetitive desk jobs, phone operators and ticket agents have been on the decline in part due to automation, abstract thinking jobs like business analysts and consultants have risen 7% as a share of employment, it finds.  The industries with the most notable hiring shifts in February were Public Safety (6.4% higher); Software & IT Services (4.6% higher); and Corporate Services (4% higher).

We have numerous positions for Business Analyst Consultants, along with many other opportunities.  We have direct hiring manager contact.  As an IT professional, you can expect to earn a median wage of $84,580 per year (though entry-level salaries are likely to be understandably lower), according to the BLS.  Additionally, you can learn more about IT careers or search for IT jobs by contacting one of our expert IT recruiters.

Check out this open position we have for a Senior Business Analyst in Boston.  The Business Analyst’s role is to elicit, analyze, specify and validate the business analyst requirements of project stakeholders.  Elicit requirements through facilitated requirements gathering sessions.  Analyze requirements and create documentation and specifications. Validate that the requirements meet the needs of the business.  Perform system testing to validate the high level functionality of solutions. Build subject matter expertise in customer’s field and develop productive relationships with customers. The position requires flexibility, responsiveness, creativity and innovative thinking. This position is associated with Highway applications, specifically a materials testing and management application.  This role will require flexibility in leading other business analysts as well as being an individual contributor. This position will require travel to Hopkinton, MA.




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