IT Recruiters advice of the best way to juggle work and family

It’s the beginning of September, which means school is back in session.  What is the best way to juggle work and family responsibilities?  The laid back routine of just getting yourself out the door and not worrying about the kids is over.  How do you handle getting back into a routine?  What helps you prepare for work and still be able to get out the door in time?  We asked a few of our employees.  The woman’s point of view:

“Preparing the night before is the key! I believe in resetting all the daily activities from the house, packing lunch bags, choosing work clothes and meal planning to help. Anything to eliminate the morning stress of rushing out the door. I enjoy waking up at least 15 minutes before everyone in the house to enjoy a quite cup of coffee before the day starts rolling. Planning a few crockpot meals for the nights you’ll be home late is not only easier for feeding the family at a reasonable time but will also save you money on ordering take-out. The more you plan the easier your week will be!”  Read here about 10 way for a mom can balance work and family.

The more energy you put towards preparing for the next day, the smoother it will be.  Pizza for dinner is nice and easy, but not when you have to do it twice a week.  And it can be expensive!  Here is the man’s point of view:

Working with candidates in IT project manager jobs and .NET Developer jobs the advice I give is: “To limit stress I coordinate with my wife (and whoever else may be available) to balance everything in advance.  I try to do the same steps every morning so its simple and repetitive.  No TV watching in the morning until they are dressed, breakfast eaten and teeth brushed!  Be prepared the night before by making lunches, Lay out the kids clothes so they can quickly get dressed themselves.  To make time for myself on my way home I meet up for a quick visit with friends.  Take care of your responsibilities at home first, and make calls in the evening for work, and you will be able to balance work and family without a problem.” 

If you work in a high stress, highly technical job such as an IT Project Manager jobs or a .NET developer jobs, being able to juggle work and family will make life more enjoyable. Our IT recruiters in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Carolina are able to find you that perfect position that will fit not only your lifestyle and your stress level, but your schedule as well.  Reach out to them today!

About the authors:

The Man:  Rob Demarco, Lead IT Recruiter in NH for The Autumn Group.  Lives with his wife and two young daughters in Massachusetts.

The Woman:  Melissa Simone:  Lead IT Recruiter in NH for The Autumn Group.  Lives with her husband and 5 children in New Hampshire.