The Benefits of Using an IT Staffing Agency

Choosing to go through a staffing agency for employment can be scary.  More and more professionals are choosing to work contract and temp to perm assignments. Why? The possibilities are endless!  The appeal to work at a variety of challenging positions is starting to look appealing in todays job market.   In staffing, there is no “same old- same old”. Every position is different and an opportunity to build your resume with new skills.  Each contract is great for networking/future referrals and a possibility to go permanent with the company of your dreams.  Another reason to choose a staffing agency is it opens the door to opportunities that may not be accessible to the average job seeker.  Prestigious companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Sony (to name a few) are using staffing agencies to source the best candidates.

An agency works to find the best employees for their companies, but the recruiters are also great at helping you too.  Recruiters are excellent with formatting your resume and counselling you about your career.  You have the ability to learn what you like and don’t like without feeling trapped in a long-term position.  Click here to learn more about The Autumn Group and all our Opportunities within the IT staffing Field.  The following articles “Temping Offers a Way to Build Your Resume — and Much More”.   You can also check out “Five Misleading Myths About Getting A Job Through a Staffing Company”.  Both articles provide an interesting point of view for job seekers looking to make the career change into the staffing world.

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