Robotic Restaurant – Perfect for our Tech Consultants in Boston!

This article from Boston Magazine that tells the story of one of the nation’s first robotic restaurant located right here in Boston.  Our Tech consultants in Boston are always looking for great unique places to dine.  It made us really appreciate technology even more than we already do.  We spend a lot of time in the Boston area, and wanted to check out this new and exciting restaurant.  Their “better-than-bulgogi” bowl, featured on this Instagram post, packs a punch.  It features Roasted Chicken, Brown Rice in a Bulgogi Marinade, Sautéed Kale, Soy Sauce Braised Beans, Kimchi, Scallions, Gochujang Sauce, and Sesame Seeds.  Actually, all of their posts on Instagram make our mouths water.  Created by four MIT graduates.

Check out this informative video on Business Insider.   “Currently, there’s one big thing holding back the chefbots: ‘‘The human labor also tends to be lower-paid,’’ said McKinsey partner Michael Chui, making it less economical to automate those jobs. But that could change as businesses develop cheaper and more efficient robot chefs.”

The Autumn Group has numerous IT clients and Tech consultants in Boston and surrounding area that are looking forward to experiencing this new technology in action.

“Our purpose is to increase access to wholesome and delicious food for people at all income levels,” said Uvezian. “When our founders were undergraduates at MIT, they couldn’t afford to spend $10 to $12 on one meal and knew they weren’t alone. Too many people were being priced out of quality. Spyce is at the intersection of hospitality and technology; by combining appropriately sourced ingredients with our robotic kitchen, we’re able to provide meals at $7.50.”

You decide; are robots the future of the food industry?  If you know of any tech consultants in Boston, be sure to check out the robotic restaurant, SPYCE, for yourself to help your decision.