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Multi-National Pharmaceutical Skype for Business Case Study


Our client, a large multi-national pharmaceutical company, wanted to move from their existing telephony (Cisco) to Skype for Business. They wanted to gain access to the full suite of capabilities from integrated Microsoft Solutions including, but not limited to O365, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Microsoft Surface Hub and more. They were utilizing disparate systems from Cisco phones to WebEx and had determined the gain in productivity attractive, from having integrated and compatible solutions. While they are U.S. based, their organization is worldwide and required deep understanding of all of the Microsoft suite and most specifically Skype for Business.
In reviewing potential partners, they made it clear that while pricing was important, they needed a partner that was transparent and collaborative. They were coming out a previously territorial relationship and no longer wanted to work this way. The client also wanted a partner that would set them up well for the future allowing them to take advantage of new products and services as they come online.

Client Issues:

  • Transformation onto Skype for Business as well as integration with full Microsoft Suite
  • Required specialized expertise with Skype for Business
  • Multi-National utilization
  • Wanted to leverage full Microsoft integrated suite capabilities
  • Required a transparent and collaborative partner


Upon winning the engagement, we began working with the client on the discovery phase. Through our assessment, we identified potential pitfalls and roadblocks. We worked with the team through all of the challenges to the project. Through our consultative approach, we created our recommendation and then moved into implementation. We built a proof of concept for the client and were able to move through the complex dial plans and analog requirements to give them full understanding and insight.
We worked through the rollout providing change management and risk profiles. This was a hybrid environment that brought several issues to the forefront, but all were successfully resolved. Throughout the project, we worked with the internal team and leadership to create a collaborative environment. With the move came certain inherit. The departure from WebEx provided the savings needed to pay for nearly the complete project.


  • Overall cost savings from WebEx paid for project
  • Productivity increase from the integrated experience
  • Improved user experience
  • Improved functionality
  • Full Skype reporting implemented
  • Additional Corporate Communications benefits were discovered

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