Valuable Skills for Software Development

Now is the perfect time to be working in the IT industry. Some jobs are showing that there is a 1 percent rate of unemployment. Glassdoor published the results from the nationwide survey that determined the 25 highest paying jobs that are most in demand.  Up first was a Physician, #3 Software Architect, #4 Software Development Manager, #6 Solutions Architect, #8 Analyticts Manager, #9 IT Manager.  If you are interested in becoming a software developer, it’s important to be well-versed in a number of programming languages so you can be versatile and adaptable.  You should also continue to learn/master languages throughout your career to stay up to date on the latest technology to keep your skills sharp.  According to the Coding DoJo Blog the most in demand programming languages are SQL, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Phython, PHP, Ruby on Rails, iOS Swift.  The top 10 most difficult tech jobs for companies to fill according to Mashable are DevOps, Mobile Engineer, Database Engineer, Mobile Developer, Software Developer, Java Developer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, UI/UX Designer, and a Front End Developer.  In addition to all the technical skills you should have, do not forget about the soft skills.  It can make a world of difference if you excel at both.  If not,  Amazon sells a book for Software Developers:  Soft Skills: The Software Developers Life Manual.  According to JaxCenter, the 6 most useful skills for software developers are empathy, adaptability, big picture thinking, attitude, willingness to learn, and critical thinking.   So if you can master both the tech skills and the soft skills needed to be a software developer, you will have a rockstar career!  If you already have these skills and are looking for the perfect job, check our our current job openings.  If you would like our consultants to help you in any way, feel free to contact us!  We would be happy to help you!softwareDev




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