What’s the best age to learn to code?

Learning to code is not just for becoming a web developer.  Knowing how to code is a critical nowadays.  You can build your own personal website, personal portfolio, blog, etc.  There are numerous online schools where you can learn to code for free!  But what’s the best age to take on this task?  Should you help your kids to code?  Absolutely!  Coding can help kids develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking.  The only thing you need is passion and dedication to start learning, so the answer to the question is:  NOW!

Once your child is old enough to handle a computer you could start coding. Start with C language as it is basic and a lot of other codes have a similar syntax.  You could also start with Python or Javascript.  Programming requires a certain level of maturity.  Starting early is great, but don’t make the child work too hard.  As long as they are having fun and are engaged.  

“Technology is about more than tech. It enables and empowers medicine, finance, science, art, and more,” read one. “If you want to create magic, learn to code…it’s like having a wand to create your own little world of dreams,” read another.” “Certainly, middle school is a time everyone remembers and the wider tech community has lots of advice for kids this age. Recently, at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, we placed an interactive wall in its booth where we asked conference attendees to write notes to middle schoolers to support them in choosing STEM careers. Hundreds of current technologists wrote notes to kids, who received them later on at school, and some of them were truly inspiring.”

Here’s a list of the best programs to learn to code, and some are completely free!


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learn to code
learn to code

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