Why contact an IT recruiter?

Each IT recruiter at The Autumn Group are your confidants, partners, and counselors.  You are our first priority.  We know the IT job market intimately.  The IT recruiter can open doors for you and can help you find opportunities you won’t find on your own.  We will introduce you to a hiring manager and sell your best qualities.  We manage scheduling conflicts and provide you with the information you need for your interview: who you’re speaking with, where you’re speaking with them, even help you with what kind of clothes you should wear.  What languages should you brush up on?  How should you prepare for an engineering test?  How should you answer difficult questions?  What’s going on in the job market that you’re not aware of?  We can provide you with information that can help you make a decision on your perfect job.  Each TAG IT recruiter is available anytime and you can always expect a fast response.  Contact your personal recruiter HERE!

We provide you with feedback on all of your interviews.  How can you improve if you leave the interview with no more information than when you went into it?  We will track down the IT hiring manager, understand what you did well, and what you could improve.  We are also open to receiving feedback from you.  If you’re doing something that isn’t working for you, or if you need something more, you should feel comfortable having a conversation about it.  Our partnership goes both ways.

Each TAG IT recruiter cultivates, nurtures, supports each candidates.  If you are on the fence to take that leap into the next chapter of your life, you will never know what you could accomplish.  Take that leap.  Take on a new risk every day, but plan ahead and stay focused.   Susan Keplinger of Fortune says “Instead, look where you want to go, and trust your skills and momentum to help you get there. If you’re clear on your vision, you can control for speed and more effectively manage risk.  If you are ready to take a leap and start that next chapter you can visit the jobs we have available at The Autumn Group LLC.