How to find qualified candidates


You are a manger that has to fill a role, and you have to fill it ASAP.  How do you attract qualified candidates?  Learn how to narrow the applicant pool to find the perfect person? How can you avoid the struggle of finding qualified candidates?   First things first, write a good job advertisement.  Make sure that the qualifications and requirements are clear and precise.  Differentiate between mandatory and desired skills, and include technical knowledge, soft skills, and creativity.  Don’t go too far with listed needs/wants, as you may miss out on a qualified candidate that will in turn think s/he is not qualified. 

When you connect with a potential candidate, conduct a brief phone screen to save you time and hassle of going through an in-person full interview.  This process will help narrow down the candidate pool to find the perfect match.  Make note if the candidate is on time, has professional communication skills, and meets job expectations.  Talented candidates are not willing to jump through too many hoops to get hired, so don’t make too many prerequisites. Don’t take too long to decide, because good candidates may not be on the market by the time you decide.  

Make sure that you prepare your questions before you conduct the in-person interview.  Decide in advance on the questions you will ask.  Keep in mind if they will also be a good cultural fit.  Ask questions that can gain you insight on their personal values and personality.  How will you evaluate them?  Ask most of the questions and have them do most of the talking  Give them a chance to explain why this role would be a good fit for them.  To reduce the likelihood of a good candidate turning down your offer, be sure to follow all the above recommendations.  And also make sure that the salary and benefits are commensurate with what your competitors are offering.  This will save you time and money and will ensure that the candidate you select will not only be a perfect match, but will also accept your offer!

If you want to save some time and effort, we would like to help.  If you would like to talk to one of our recruiters for more information about how we can assist you in finding qualified candidates, contact us today!  We enjoy helping our clients finding their team that will help their business succeed!


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