Google Launched “Rolling Study Halls”

Google Launched there rolling study hall program in 2016 by providing Chromebooks and Wi-Fi to thousands of students in NC. The program will provide service to 70 school buses and 16 districts. It’s meant to target rural areas where kids might not have high-speed home internet access and who have long bus rides home. The rolling study hall program received excellent reviews from students, teachers, and school administrators. Due to the positive reviews from the community, Google plans on expanding the school Wi-Fi program to 11 more states. The school bus initiative is free and focuses on maximizing the long travel times students are forced to sit through by giving then the opportunity to do homework. The Wi-Fi system will only work for the school issued Chromebooks, which are inexpensive laptops that will be able to access online school applications. The laptops will block children from all social media and limits them to school approved internet sites making it easy to get homework done. Additionally, a teacher is assigned to ride along with the students, expanding learning time and offering additional support to students.

To learn more about the Wi-Fi bus program click here or visit Google for Education to see details on the project.