Soft Skills: You Need More Than Just IT Skills to Get (and Keep) the Job

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. You could have a reputation for being the best Coder/Project Manager/Network Engineer/so forth, but none of those hard skills matter if you don’t work well with others. Unlike hard skills, which can be proven and calculated, soft skills are intangible and difficult to measure. Some examples of soft skills include self-confidence, a positive attitude, verbal and written communication, leadership, and the ability to accept & learn from criticism. When applying for a job, most people highlight the hard skills they possess, and the specific abilities required for that particular job. While these should be on your resume you should also emphasize the most important soft skills you demonstrate. It’s important you don’t just say that you have the soft skills the company needs – you prove it to them. When you arrive at the interview you need to be prepared. Show off your positive attitude and give examples of your leadership and how you get along with everyone. These qualities will set you apart from most candidates that might come in with all the necessary skills but have a dry personality. When you go to an interview you are selling yourself with how you present yourself, having the necessary soft skills with not only help you get the job but also keep the job. For more tips on how to improve your career, check out Soft Skills to Help Your Career Hit the Big Time or visit the potential opportunity’s we have at TAG today!

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