Are you dealing with desktop support issues?


Is your network administration failing you?


How are you handling the continuous and evolving needs of the business?

Many IT staffing firms have been moving away from infrastructure because they lack the vision to see the value.

These are just some of the things our infrastructure clients are having issues with. We understand the value of the infrastructure team. From networking to desktop to maintenance to database and more, the infrastructure team is the backbone of your organization. We have broken our practice into five key areas of focus that we assist you with.

Overall Assessment

We work with you to review the state of your infrastructure.

Our team members are experts in determining the overall status and needs of the organization.

Working with you, we build out a management friendly assessment and plan to gain buy-in addressing your ongoing needs.


We work right beside you to implement the overall architecture you require.

TAG team members are assigned based on your need to flesh out your architecture from standardizing technology to consolidating and centralizing technology resources to system maintenance processes.


Our team works with you to understand your database needs ensuring that you have the architecture and build for your long-term growth.

We work with you throughout the lifecycle of your database needs from development through administration.

Whether you need require relational, hierarchical or network, our expert database team can provide you the solution that fits.


We work with you in multiple capacities from developing your support organization to the individual contributors to provide the varying levels of support your organization requires.

From one person to a team, TAG provides your support team need.

Business Continuity

From planning and preparation to ensure the continuing operation of your organization, we work with you to be able to recover to an operational state quickly regardless of serious incidents or disasters.

Our efforts include:

  1. Resilience – ensuring critical business functions and infrastructure are relatively unaffected by disruptions,
  2. Recovery – the ability to recover or restore business functions that fail, and
  3. Contingency – the ability to cope effectively with major incidents and disasters.

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We know you have options of the technology staffing firms that you work with.

Whether you are looking for amazing technology professionals or your chosen technology career, we are not satisfied with simply being adequate.
TAG was created because the staffing industry at that time was too big and impersonal. The time was right to build a company that listened to and cared about its clients – and its consultants.

Key Facts About TAG

10+ years technology recruiting expertise
Dedicated technology practices within Infrastructure, Security, ERP / CRM, and Quality / Validation
Sales and Recruiting Engine built on relationship recruiting and highly knowledgeable solutions.

TAG truly cares about the people we work with
When you need exceptional, not average. When you need deep understanding, not rhetoric. When you need a technology counselor, not an order. When you need career mentorship, not another call. That is when we need you. We exceed expectations. TAG Your IT!




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