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The one constant in technology is that there is no shortage of work to be done. Do you have the right resources for your projects? Problems come up, opportunities appear and special projects get initiated. Suddenly, there are gaps – in resources as well as skill sets – and these gaps need to be addressed.

Let’s face it: even the most efficient process running on best-in-class technology is only going to be as effective as the people committed to achieving the outcome.

Our commitment to you is that we are proactively recruiting for the people that our clients likely need. We meet thousands of candidates monthly and vet their skills to ensure that we have the technical experts you need at our fingertips. TAG is where strategy meets execution. Let us help you execute.

Whether you need a direct hire, a contractor or a contract-to-hire, we will find the right person or team of people to fill the gap and achieve your business goals.

From programmers and web developers to network administrators and help desk technicians, every IT role you need to fill has its own unique set of requirements. With this is mind, we’ve designed IT staffing solutions that cater exclusively to your organization.

At the end of the day, IT staffing is about finding the perfect resources to meet and exceed a company’s business needs. That doesn’t mean just placing the guy who’s on the bench, or the guy who is underutilized. It means finding just the right resource for each and every opportunity – and finding just the right opportunity for each and every one of our IT professionals.

Whether you are looking for someone to work in Infrastructure, Applications, Operations Management or Continuity, The Autumn Group provides you with flexible contract IT staffing solutions, long-term, short-term or of indeterminate duration. We have a proven and selective recruiting process, so all our candidates have been prescreened and are ready to begin delivering value and solving problems before we even consider sending them your way.

In a competitive business landscape, flexibility is the key to staying ahead of the curve. We know that getting an IT professional on your critical IT projects without delay may sometimes take priority over a more lengthy hiring process. In this case, hiring a contractor with the option to permanently hire them later is an attractive solution. In other situations, you may want to evaluate a professional’s performance before committing to a long term hiring decision.

In either scenario, our Contract to Hire IT Staffing Solutions deliver the flexibility you need.

When you are looking to make a permanent addition to your IT team, there is a lot to consider. You want someone with the right technical skills, but you also want someone who is the right fit with your work environment. It sounds simple enough in concept, but can be a challenging balance to achieve in practice.

This is where The Autumn Group’s commitment to building long-term relationships can help. We have worked hard to build and maintain a wide network of IT professionals in every stage of their careers. Whether you’re experiencing business growth or natural turnover, we have the people to fill your IT positions.

Let us show you the TAG difference.TAG your IT! ►

We know you have options of the technology staffing firms that you work with.

Whether you are looking for amazing technology professionals or your chosen technology career, we are not satisfied with simply being adequate.
TAG was created because the staffing industry at that time was too big and impersonal. The time was right to build a company that listened to and cared about its clients – and its consultants.

Key Facts About TAG

10+ years technology recruiting expertise
Dedicated technology practices within Infrastructure, Security, ERP / CRM, and Quality / Validation
Sales and Recruiting Engine built on relationship recruiting and highly knowledgeable solutions.

TAG truly cares about the people we work with
When you need exceptional, not average. When you need deep understanding, not rhetoric. When you need a technology counselor, not an order. When you need career mentorship, not another call. That is when we need you. We exceed expectations. TAG Your IT!




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