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Multi-National Pharmaceutical SharePoint Case Study


Our client, a large multi-national pharmaceutical company, wanted to gain full utilization of their SharePoint environment. Their original SharePoint deployment had left them with an unworkable product. They needed the intranet to be fully responsive (device agnostic) with ease of use and engaging to the internal audience. They needed governance and they needed to increase overall usage.
The original deployment had no device compatibility and lack an organizational architecture. They were running into constant issues around the overall communication platform and required a solution that would ensure multi-national communication and reliability. They also had multiple applications that they were working with that needed to be tied into SharePoint and interface with Salesforce.

Client Issues

  • Needed all devices to be able to utilize SharePoint
  • Required a consistent and engaging communication platform
  • Needed governance to ensure long-term site consistency
  • Wanted to create a positive user experience
  • Needed integration of third party and custom applications tied into Salesforce


We began working with the client by conducting an overall assessment that delved into usage, architecture, device compatibility and governance. Upon completion of the assessment, we went through an iterative process of developing wireframes and an overall architecture that would support their long-term goals. From the site map to user flows, we provided the final design themes. Throughout the process, we worked through approvals and revisions to finalize high fidelity mockups before construction began. After the formal presentation and acceptance from leadership, we implemented the new design theme and architecture. We worked with the various locations around the world to fulfill the multi-lingual needs of each country office.
The client build was a single sign-on, multi-site implementation that launched with a departmental architecture. The repository of assets were validated for accuracy and added into the new environment. The build was fully device compatible and the user experience was tested throughout the process with a beta team. The custom applications were integrated at a fraction of the cost quoted from other providers. We continue to support the client in the management of the intranet.


  • Overall cost savings in the six figures
  • Fully responsive intranet
  • Engagement moved from minimal to a solid communication platform and continuing to grow
  • Governance policy allows upkeep across the entire environment
  • Communication is now consistent and reliable across the company
  • Improved processes and fully functional
  • Custom creation for Viva integration at one quarter of the cost
  • Custom support capabilities

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