Top 5 IT Project Management Resources

Specialized language such as “Lean project management” and “Agile software development,” are spoken often in the IT Project Management field.  IT PM’s have to navigate how to manage a team and deliver projects on time, on budget, and with quality.  Where can you turn to find online project management resources for quality advice?  Below are some online project management resource sites to refer to for regularly updated, premium-quality content. provides Scrum Masters with community insights to succeed in software delivery.
Start with this article: “The Scrum Master as an Impediment Remover

Rothman Consulting Group
Johanna Rothman writes for Rothman Consulting Group with frank advice, cutting humor, and excellent project management tips.
Start with this article: “Why I Use a Paper Kanban Board

Brief description: Want to learn about IT project management or PMO leadership? Margaret Meloni, along with her staff, provides useful, free advice to her readers.
Start with this article: “What to do When a Team Member Needs to Rant

Brief description: Looking for insights into the newest project management techniques? Check out pmsolutions’ blog, which both flaunts the consulting firm’s expertise and provides actionable insights into the latest project management trends.
Start with this article: “Get Serious: What’s the Role of Happiness in the Workplace?”

TwentyEighty Strategy Execution
Brief description: TwentyEighty uses this blog to illuminate best practices for projects, contracts, and requirements.
Start with this article: “The PMO – What Does it Stand For?”

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To view more information about IT Project Management Certifications check out this site. There is so much more to Project Management than just keeping a project on track and effectively dealing with hiccups and hurdles along the way.  A lot of planning occurs before any  work on the project actually begins.  Determining the scope of the project, stakeholders, aligning procedures with company goals ,are just a few things that must be in line.  Then the complexities, struggles of the project need to be dealt with.  The IT Project Management plan is an official document that is integral to getting a project approved and allocating all the necessary resources for the project to run seamlessly from beginning to end.  If you want to learn more about our open position, reach out to one of our talented recruiters today!