The Art of Selecting a Staffing Company (for Clients)

There are a lot of staffing companies out there. Some do a great job finding just the right resource just when you need it. Others play the numbers game. They throw as many resumes as they can at every position they find. You should only partner with the first kind of firm and steer clear of the second. To help with the decision, look for a company that does the following things when selecting a staffing company to work with:

1. Works to understand your challenges and takes time to know your team

I call this the “art” of staffing, because staffing is both an art and a science. The best staffing companies realize this and look at every position as a unique puzzle to solve. Sure, it’s easy to find someone with the skills and experience for a particular position, but the real question a staffing company should be asking is, what business problems are you trying to solve and/or what opportunities would like to pursue?

At The Autumn Group, our first priority is understanding the organizations we work with. What are their goals? What are their challenges? What is their corporate and team culture? What does the current team look like, and what will it take for a new resource to fit in, collaborate effectively, and contribute on day one? Even though companies come to us looking for resources to meet their current needs, by understanding the big picture, we can also select talent with an eye for who has greatest potential to contribute on into the future, once one set of goals is accomplished and the next set takes shape.


2. Work with a firm that cares about their consultants and finds time to interact with them

When you are evaluating staffing partners, this point is easy to overlook. But it is very important to work with a staffing partner that continually invests in its people. There is a direct correlation between how consultants are treated and how well they perform – and how likely they are stay in consulting positions.  That is why at The Autumn Group we make time for our consultants – professionally as well as socially.

Another benefit of staying connected to our consultants is that it gives us a better, more in-depth understanding of their skills, past experience, personalities and professional goals. This knowledge has been extremely valuable is helping us to find the best matches – for both our clients and consultants.

When a staffing partner truly cares about its consultants, companies can be candid about role they want the resources to play. Just because a position is “staff augmentation,” it doesn’t mean you can’t fully integrate your temporary staff with your FTEs.  A company that knows its people and knows your organization won’t be looking just to fill your position. They will be committed to finding the perfect fit for your needs and your existing team.


3. Does its due diligence

This last should go without saying – but there are so many agencies out there that don’t do their due diligence, you need to ask some basic questions that relate to their talent pool:

  • Do you have a rigorous pre-screening process?
  • Do you check references?
  • Do you do thorough background checks?

You shouldn’t even have to ask this – but do!


If you would like to talk some more about how to partner with the kind of staffing organization that will provide the resources you need, when you need them, The Autumn Group would love to talk with you!

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