The future looks bright for IT workers

Business are starting to invest more in IT, and that means they’re also investing in IT workers. A study from Brilliant found that Q4 hiring for IT has remained steady, as businesses search for qualified tech workers.  The IT skills gap and talent shortage remains an ongoing business challenge as technology becomes the cornerstone of nearly every industry. That shift means there is a bigger demand for tech pros with specific skill sets; and companies are hiring qualified individuals faster than schools can graduate candidates with the right skills.

Not the lack of skills you might think

While there is certainly a lack of qualified candidates with skills ranging in big data to cloud to Internet of Things, those aren’t necessarily the skills hiring managers are most looking for. The study found that the biggest skillset gap wasn’t in any specific area or industry of tech, but rather hiring managers were looking for the right “soft skills.” At the top of the list, 25 percent said they were looking for workers with expertise in certain areas, but did not specify which areas. Next on the list, 25 percent were concerned with finding a “cultural fit,” which is a 10 percent increase from the last two quarters. Beyond that, 18 percent said they were looking for individuals with problem-solving skills as well as communication skills.

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