IoT Certification

Have you wondered how “Things” talk to each other and the cloud?  Do you understand the alternatives for conveying latency-sensitive real time data versus reliable signaling data? Building on the skills from the Sensing and Actuation course, explore protocols to exchange information between processors.

Learn how VoIP systems like Skype work and implement your own app for voice calls and text messages.  Start by using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for session management.  Next, you will learn how voice codecs such as Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) are used in 3G networks and use them for voice traffic in your app.  You can learn all of this and more from Class CentralInternet of Things: Communication Technologies”.

Coursera also offers a Build Your Own Internet Of Things Course with a certificate.

IoT is changing management decision making in ways that are often overlooked in all of the hype around the billions of things that will be networked someday.  Connected devices, coupled with advances in data collection and analytics, are giving business managers at all levels more relevant information when they need it than they’ve ever had before.  How that affects the decisions they’re making is having a deep and lasting impact on operational and business performance.

MIT also offers Internet of Things training for professionals.

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